Luxury Villa For Rent In Lucca

Luxury Villa For Rent in Lucca

Lucca (Lucca Italian Luca in Latin), the Italian city of about 85,000 inhabitants, capital of the province, in Tuscany. And ‘once again before the end of the unification of Italy, the capital city of a free and sovereign state and the Duchy of Lucca (1815-1847). Not far from the Tyrrhenian Sea, more precisely, about twenty kilometers from the coast of Liguria (Ligurian Sea)
It is a walled city with many historical monuments, particularly churches, villas and palaces, such as Palazzo Pfanner and its famous gardens.
Lucca (Luc) was a Roman colony in 180 AD was founded Etruscan C. .. ..
BC In 217 BC the Second Punic War, after the Battle of Piacenza, where no party wins in the spring, the consul Tiberio Sempronio Lucca LLonga’m retired.
Jules César, Pompey and Crassus in 56 BC, AD .. get his Trinity
Network preserves the Roman road network in the central Piazza San Michele is located in the Old Town Square forum and amphitheater where ancient Roman amphitheater in Lucca.
In 493, King of Italy Odoacer was killed by Theodoric, who founded the United ostrogoth3 Luca was under the rule of the Goths, his home district and the General Staff. The city flourished from the Byzantine reoccupation Narsete fact that drivers 568-572 553. In the three-month siege of the city under the rule of the Lombards, in which the Duke was impressed with its own currency.
The city owes its prosperity to the silk trade is Byzantine silk Century XI and competitors to thrive: the city was the capital of Tuscany:
It ‘was an independent republic for more than five centuries after the death of Matilda Toskánska, the city was so free with the Charter of 1160 together. Dante spent part of his life in exile.
War the opportunity underway in central Italy to come to the Lord of Lucca Uguccione Faggiola in 1314, but Lucchesi him two years later disqualified and the leader Castruccio Castracani cities that tyrant Luca was the most powerful state in central Italy in 1328. Machiavelli in his autobiography on Castruccio Castracani Lucca life because until his death, his rival Florence. Lucca was the year 1372. To listen to the legislative power to the General Council of the First Republic, and subsequently reduced to 180 elected members (90 Terzieri -quartier- San Martino San Salvatore and Santa Paula): The main factor of thirty-six (12 per region) provides certain forces. Executive power “Council of elders” delivered – information Anciens- consists of nine people (three in each quarter), and supported by the Jury President of the keys to the city gates, treasury and mint. Trains Body Vicar Imperial Council on behalf of the Holy Roman Empire. We chose a complicated procedure.  Discover Luxury Villa for Rent in Lucca and Tuscany and book your dream. Villa Guinigi and Loggia. In 1392, a power struggle between the family and lead to murders Fort War Fort Guinigi flag Bartolomeo Lazzaro Guinigi war in 1400 with the faction that dominates the city. After a clever maneuver son Lazzaro Guinigi was elected lord of Lucca Paolo. And he repaired the rest of the civilian population has contributed to the return of emigrants, revive the economy and reform the tax system. Led foreign policy caution when working with events of this bloody holiday in Italy while his shoulders the expansionary policy of Florence.
Ilaria del Carretto His wife died in 1405, but built his famous monument, Jacopo della Quercia Siena for its beauty, the main work of Gothic sculpture of the Renaissance in Italy, at the Cathedral of Lucca.
In 1408 the Council divided the papacy of Lucca met with determination.
Republic was restored. Lucca continuation of the war with Florence. Thanks to an alliance with Visconti, Duke of Milan, and successfully promote peace in 1438, but was torn territory.
Karl König VIII of France in 1494, is headquartered Luca, who led his army against Naples. She gave him a loan in the amount of ten thousand ducats: We invited the Lucchese merchants based in France and came to the fairs in Lyon, where many established companies, which brought the Lucchese silk industry. Luke took his policy towards the lifting of Pisa, Florence, but was abandoned by his political Francophile.
Lucca was always at least play well to keep